What are prints?

Prints are transactions that happen in dark pool markets, otc, between large institutional buyers and sellers. A large print is a print over 100,000 shares and a huge print is over 1,000,000 shares. The prints don't trade on the bid and the ask price. The trade price can differ from the current bid or ask.

Q) Is it a buy or sell? Calls or puts? Bullish or bearish?

It's not a sell or a buy. If it was a sell or a buy on the regular exchange, a trade would have a major impact on all the bids and asks. The dark pool trades are placed in OTC market.

Q) Is it one transaction between a single buyer and a single seller?

It's always one transaction. Most often, the transaction is made by a single buyer and a single seller. Sometimes, a transaction is made by multiple large buyers and one seller or vice versa.

Q) How to trade prints?

We provide trade setups that indicate entry points for going long or going short. Basic subscribers can pick upto 10 stocks each day to get trade setups and alerts in real time. Premium subscribers can have access to unlimited trade setups and alerts and much more.

Q) Are prints for day trading or swings?

It can be both. A dark pool trade can create several different price actions. Examples:
  • SNDL - alereted on 11/02/2020 at $0.17, went to $0.60 on 11/09/2020 and then to $0.95 on 12/01/2020
  • MARA - alereted on 11/16/2020 at $2.40, went to $28.37 on 01/08/2021
  • TLRY - alerted on 01/05/2021 at $9.49, went to $22.61 on 01/15/2021
  • CCIV - alerted on 01/11/2021 at $10.11 , made a $14 new high on the same day. It reached $22.67, 11 days later on 01/22/2021.
  • GRTS - alerted on 01/15/2021 at $6.50 , went to $35.20 on 01/20/2021
  • many others
Most often, prints create price action into the opposite direction before the major move happens. We have trade setups and alerts to catch the main moves. The major move can happen in the same day or develop in upto 3 weeks. The opportunity also provides enough time to either buy stocks or options with small delta at major discounts.

Therefore, prints can be used to day trade the short term move on the way up or on the way down and then swing the long term.

You should take our training to become an expert.

Q) What is the training?

Training is required for premium membership. The training provides how to trade in general and provide everything you need to know how to trade prints. It focuses on different types of prints and how one can profit in the short term and the long term.

Premium subscription plan requires basic or premium training course.